How a roofing company can make a difference for your home?

Selecting the right roofing contractor can be a difficult exercise. In some cases, this can cause an overwhelming amount of stress. When selecting the professional roof installer for your roof you have to consider a couple factors:

โ— The age of your roof
โ— The amount of time it’s going to take to repair
โ— The product

Studies state that new homeowners have the most expenses in the first two years after purchasing. Over a 100 couples complete a questionnaire. They have come to find over 60% of homeowners stated they spent over $50,000 on unexpected repairs found after 6 months after purchasing their home. (Brewster, J. A. (1980), Homeowner Warranties: A Study of the Need and Demand for Protection Against Unanticipated Repair Expenses. Real Estate Economics, 8: 207-217)

Most of the times, homeowners consider roof contractor reputation not the quality of products. It is actually the most crucial part considering the warranty lifespan. You can repair your roof today but are you secure for tomorrow? Investing a large amount of money into products that are only going to cover you for 5 years is letting money go down the drain. Considering that most repairs are needed after 10 year and this leaves many home owners astray. The typical shingles are made to last 9 – 15 years this is not considering Florida heat which can mark down the lifespan by two years. The weather in Florida in the past two years has increased in heat by 14% of the Summer alone.(Institute for Social-ecological Research, ISOE, Hamburger Allee 45, D-60486 Frankfurt/Main, Hessen, Germany) This means the tiles or shingles placed on your roof are dwelling away. The products you place on your roof are that more important to protect your home.

Owen Corning Shingles is a wonderful brand of shingle with the warranty of 10 years and a lifespan of 15 years and is the most common shingle used among the others circulating here in Florida. But, place the theory in mind that once you needed to use warranty now you are no longer covered and if the summer heat continues to raise the actual lifespan of the shingles 13 years. So, the investment made to protect your home is seamlessly useless as now. Think of today with tomorrow in mind would you invest just in reputation?

This is where we come in. We are Modern Installation Solutions serving as a general contractor. We offer quality work with protection after the work is completed. This means the products we carry have the longest standing warranty ranking in 15 years and lifespan of 20 years with our Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingles. Our workmanship and quality products have helped hundreds of customers in the past. We are PACE certified contractors working with multiple administrators such as Ygrene, Renew and more. We help our customers succeed in their home improvement goals. We would love to help you secure your home for the future.