Wind Resistant Tile Roofing

Fortify Your Home with Wind Resistant Tile Roofing

Modern Installation is a premiere installer of tile roofing systems in South Florida. Our Project Managers communicate with you throughout the installation process to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction. Modern Installation Solutions services Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade Counties.

Why Chose Tile?

Tile is not only desirable for its appearance; concrete and clay tiles are weather and fire resistant, as well as environmentally friendly. Most clay and concrete roofing tiles are Class A fire resistant, designed and tested to meet 150 MPH wind speeds. Tile is a remarkably durable material. Tile has the lowest life-cycle cost of any other roofing material (per the Tile Roofing Institute). Most tile roofs have a 40-year life expectancy and with the proper care, can even last up to 75 years! However, tile roofs can become susceptible to loosening, cracking, and other types of damage if they aren’t properly maintained as they start to get old.

Tile Roofing Manufacturers

We recognize that everyone has different needs, budgets and styles. For this reason, we work with the top manufacturers in tile roofing to give you valuable options for your home, many of which have manufacturing facilities right here in Florida. Your estimator can help you identify the best tile for you, manufacturer warranties, who offers custom blends, available design services and providing tile samples for your review. If your property has a homeowner’s association, we are happy to work with them to identify which colors and styles are approved.

Tile Warranties

Modern Installation Solutions only work with manufacturers that offer the best warranties in the roofing industry. Once installation of your new tile roof is complete, your warranty is registered and provided to you as a certificate. Please contact our office directly at 954-507-6429 to set up a free consultation and learn more.

Free Estimates for Tile Roof Replacement

If your roof is leaking or showing signs of wear, your roof may need to be replaced. Call our team at Modern Installation Solutions to set up a free estimate. One of our specialists will come to your home and thoroughly evaluate your specific roof replacement needs. Our roofing contractors are professional, knowledgeable, and fully licensed and insured. We aim to protect the value of your home for years to come – not just cost you more money to maintain down the road.

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