AC Replacement

New AC Installation

An efficient and properly working air conditioning system is essential here in South Florida. While most air conditioning units have a lifespan of about 10 years, lack of proper maintenance, excessive use, or other problems can require earlier replacement.

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Replacing or making improvements to your duct system accomplishes the following goals:

Improves  Comfort: Sealing and insulating ducts can help with common comfort problems, such as rooms that are too hot in the summer.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality Fumes from household and garden chemicals, insulation particles, and dust can enter your duct system, aggravating asthma and allergy problems. Sealing ducts can help improve indoor air quality by reducing the risk of pollutants entering ducts and circulating through your home.

10 Signs Your AC Needs to be Replaced

Blows warm air- Your air conditioner has a job to do—keep your family comfortable over the long, hot summer months. South Florida is known for its blazingly hot and sunny days. If your AC starts having problems during the hottest months of the year, blowing warm instead of refreshingly cold air, it’s time to have a professional HVAC technician out.

Poor air flow- This is often a sign that the AC unit’s compressor is failing, but it can also indicate issues with your ducts. There’s a bit of uncertainty here, so you definitely want to call in a professional for a tune-up to ensure there aren’t bigger problems on the way.

Inaccurate thermostat- The thermostat is command central for your AC, telling it how much cool air to generate and then taking measurements to make sure it’s doing its job. If your AC won’t turn on, or if it runs for short periods of time before turning itself off, this may indicate that your thermostat has broken and is no longer accurately gauging if the unit is working or not. You’ll want a trained HVAC tech to look at this too, since there are complex electrical components involved with the thermostat.

Loud noises – If you’re hearing squealing, grinding, or scraping coming from your AC unit when it’s on, there could be a problem inside the unit with a belt slipping out of place. This is a serious issue that merits an immediate call to a local expert because loose pieces can damage other, costly parts as well.

Frequent repairs – Repair costs add up – Save yourself the headaches and the money by investing in a new unit, especially if your unit is over 10 years old.

Freon or water leaks-  – Moisture leaking anywhere in or around your HVAC system is a problem. In the most serious cases, this indicates a refrigerant leak. Freon is poisonous, so call a pro immediately on sight. In less serious cases, however, it may be water because the tube that disposes of condensation is blocked or broken. This can manifest a couple of ways. Sometimes, you’ll see water leaking out of the unit onto your floor, and other times you may notice ice inside your HVAC on the copper refrigerant lines that run outside the condenser. Both are a sign that a professional should be called in.

High or rising electric bills – If your air conditioner has a low SEER rating, it can cost you a lot of money to operate it. If your air conditioner’s SEER rating is below 13, you can cut back on energy costs by replacing it with a new, more efficient unit.

It’s more than 10 years old-  In general, you can expect a well-maintained air conditioner to last about 15 years. However, if you’re in need of expensive repairs and your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it may make sense to replace it

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